Looking for some design help?

You’re not alone. Finding experienced designers to work on your startup can be tricky. Lucky for you, we’re here to help fix that.

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Maybe you’re located in a city where you’ve been priced out of the UX market by the big corporates

Valuable UX design

Maybe you have access to designers, but they don’t have the experience needed to help you grow

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Or maybe you’re building a location independent team, and you want designers which work like that every day.

What we do

If you’re a startup with ambitions to rival Google, we’re the design team you should to be working with. You need designers who are as lean and nimble as you. You need a team that ‘get’ startups and understand the challenges you’re facing. You need partners who know firsthand what it’s like to risk everything and start a company. You need us.

We’re a compact design team, exclusively working with startups. We work with clients who are making the world a better place with their products. The area you’re working in isn’t important, but if the end goal is to improve peoples lives, we’re in.

You can read all about how we work in our Blueprint

Our clients are normally looking for a long term design partner when they approach us. We use communication tools like Slack or Hipchat to become a integrated part of their team. The specifics of our process are flexible, but it always follow the same structure:


After a conversation or two, and once we agree that we’ll be a good fit together, the next step is a roadmapping session. The result of this paid discovery session is an audit of where you’re at right now and a plan to get you where you want to be. Whether you hire us to act on it or not, that document is yours to keep.

Roadmap to success


Research done well will save you time and money by reducing unknowns and validating assumptions. It creates a solid foundation to design the right thing, for the right customers, in the most effective way. (Don’t ask us to skip this part, it makes us growly.)

Research done well


Design is our bread and butter, and once we’ve done our research and gathered our insights we get to work. We work quickly and lean, utilising tools like Hackpad, Invision and RealTimeBoard to collaborate with your team.

Problem solving design

Our work

Our past projects have been varied, ranging from mobile healthcare to HR webapps. What our clients have in common is a passion for their work, and a recognition of the importance of user centred design. Often they’ll have an amazing engineering team, but lack the time and resources to build a design team. That’s where we get drafted in.

Sparo Labs

Based in St Louis MO, Sparo Labs are transforming how people understand and manage their asthma. After creating Wing, an innovative smartphone connected device, we were brought in to design the digital experience. Read about it in the case study

Sparo Logo


David Hassel started 15Five in 2011 with the aim of transforming the way employees and managers communicate. We were asked to improve the onboarding experience for new customers. We’re now a permanent member of 15Five’s team, providing ongoing design support and advice on their product roadmap.

“KennedyTurner have become my secret weapon for making huge improvements to our UX. They have great empathy for our users, consistently generate winning ideas and are a pleasure to work with.” Shane Metcalf, 15Five

15Five logo

About us

We’re a small team of experienced (and very well travelled) UX designers. We’re a completely remote agency. Why we might lack a trendy design studio, we’re a perfect fit for the lean, nimble and passionate startups we love working with. Our tools and processes have been tailored so that we provide the excellent standard of work you’d expect from a British design firm, to clients from all over the world.

Currently the team is made up of James and Holly. We’re small on purpose, read about why in our Blueprint

James Turner

James is a UX designer is a passion for business and technology. Whilst loving a good spreadsheet, James heads up the project management and new business side of KennedyTurner.

Holly Kennedy

Holly is an Interaction Designer with a craving for creative problem solving. She's responsible for the integrity of the design thinking at K/T and draws a pretty picture from time-to-time.

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Who doesn’t love getting mail? Send us a message and take a look at our Blueprint. It outlines exactly how we do business and what it’s like to work with us.